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divisas banamex

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divisas banamex

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divisa banamex

By tasa de cambio dolar peso mexicano banamex|January 9th, 2017

Photographer, Peter Dibdin had an exhibition at the LBR offices of his stunning portraits of people involved with Swawou.  Peter’s work brings alive the lives and scenes of Swawou, capturing the strength and determination of the individuals and community involved in the project. The event was a great success, raising over £4,000 for Swawou and increasing interest […]

tabla de divisas banamex

By sucursales banamex con cambio de divisas|January 9th, 2017

Friendly Football
Extra Curricular activities are being organised for girls to enjoy activities out of the classroom.
On 25th November, a friendly football match between the primary school girls and those in secondary school took place in the school grounds. The primary school girls were feeling confident after weeks of training and defeated the older girls […]

compra venta de divisas banamex

By divisas banamex metales|January 9th, 2017

Principal donor, Law Business Research bought sports equipment and recorders for the girls to use as part of their extra curricular activities.
Every year, the staff at Encompass Print take on the job of packing up these Christmas presents and covering their costs. We’d like to say a big thank you to them too.
We can assure you […]

tasa de cambio banamex hoy

By cambio divisas banamex|December 9th, 2016

Children at St James’ Junior School in west London have been busy choosing Christmas presents for the Swawou girls.

96 super cute  dresses and pairs of shoes all of which have a note from a child at St James have been packed up and are now making the journey over to Kenema. I wish I was there […]

By conversor divisas banamex|December 9th, 2016

By banamex convertidor de divisas mobile|December 9th, 2016

By divisas internacionales banamex|November 9th, 2016

Musa Konneh is the Child Rights Programme Officer at Swawou. He has been involved in Swawou since the beginning, helping to set up and now run the project. Musa’s day to day role is diverse, from offering counselling to the children through to monitoring the activities of the children at their homes to ensure they are free from abuse and neglect. When asked what he loves […]

By comision por cambio de divisas banamex|November 9th, 2016

Callum Campbell, on the Board of Directors for the Swawou School Foundation, went to Sierra Leone last month. He returned after a very enjoyable, positive trip saying he had a great and very edifying experience.

By mercado de divisas banamex|September 9th, 2016

Swawou held an election for a new head girl in October. Mariama Mondeh was announced head girl, and Magret Soa, assistant head. Thank you girls for taking up the responsibility, we wish you luck!

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    Secondary School Scholarship Support

By banamex divisas mundiales|September 9th, 2016

Swawou is supporting 24 Swawou girls, who graduated over the past three years, to continue their education at junior secondary level through education scholarships. Pictured above are some of the girls in their new-school uniforms with shiny new textbooks, all ready and eager to begin!